Feedback from Technology Open Forums

Face-To-Face and Online Forums Feedback Results

January 24, 25, 26, 2016

ITS hosted 3 open forums to gather feedback from the campus on several upcoming projects.

A New Campus Web Portal - Currently, Appalnet and the MyASU website are used to provide gateways to campus applications and services and a central location for campus announcements. We wanted to know how these websites were used and what the campus wanted to see in a portal.

Web Conferencing - The current web conference tool, Blackboard Collaborate, is expensive, somewhat difficult to use, and not well utilized on campus. We wanted to know what features the campus would like to see with web conferencing?

Online Evaluations - There was an online course evaluations pilot (product called CoursEval) during the Fall 2015 semester. The results were shared at the portal along with upcoming plans.



  • URL Links in Appalnet, can't tell images are hot links
  • A lot of overlap
  • Staff use the terms "Appalnet" and "Self-Service" interchangeably
  • Never use Appalnet, use myASU to access self service
  • 80% of features on Appalnet are never used


easy to post calendars on students phone
messages can be filtered
Difference between AppSync e-portfolio and APortfolio? can they be synced? AppSync's version seems easier to use

Calendar and Events

  • Closure Listings
  • One place for university closures for weather and website alerts
  • Emergency Updates
  • Comprehensive Calendar
  • Organize news, events and opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Faculty Development Events
  • Athletics
  • Public Side: Announcements, News, Events
  • Issues with Events Push/Pull


  • Force an update of preferences once a year, like forcing students to update address
  • Configure to personalize announcements
  • Ability to opt out/ not see some things
  • Ok with logging in to see tailored content by role
  • Custom role for financial aid students
  • Pull RSS fields
  • Communities of interest communication
  • Ability to Customize


  • Use Portal for News and Events, no more emails
  • More sophisticated PANS
  • Don't Limit Messages, show all on portal
  • Customize emails received through a survey
  • Have regulator over mass emails

Look of portal

  • Clean Interface
  • More icons, less words
  • Want modern look and feel, google-like navigation
  • Grid with icons or campus apps and services
  • Bare Bones Clean Look
  • Brevity - users will not be on this site for long periods
  • Make portal or announcements page the default
  • Usability Testing - Design for Student, Faculty and Staff
  • Needs to be mobile friendly - resize for phone
  • Mobile access may not be necessary for advising
  • I like the new ASU homepage
  • Consider a demo site for self service for new students and parents to learn about out portal before we expect them to know where everything is
  • MyASU looks old and outdated

Needed in Portal

  • HR, Timesheet, Vacation Balance
  • Include orientation and advising
  • Orientation and Advisee listing
  • Faculty/Student - employee services, my classes, AsULearn, Google email/calendar, timesheets
  • How can advisors access info better?
  • DegreeWorks
  • Keep Faculty portal
  • Ability to access AsuLearn
  • Can the portal allow access to AsULearn?
  • Include Student Self Service
  • Focus on what is needed, not just knowing the name of something
  • A Directory, not a portal
  • Search Bar - "sign up", "enroll" "register" - what it takes to register for a class
  • Students currently have to google appstate to find things
  • Less clicks to get to where you need
  • Tutorial to explain every section
  • Link things that faculty use together
  • Currently it's hard to know where to find things

New Students

  • Appstate gmail and student personal gmail causes confusion
  • Need better instructions for logging in for new students to Appalnet and email
  • Difficult transition from myApp to Appalnet for new students
  • Some students use their personal gmail, they don't know how to use their appstate account
  • Tutorial Login for prospective students and new admits
  • Difference between MyApp and Appalnet for students?


  • More direct entry for students rather than paper
  • Less Paper Forms
  • Too many forms - paper timesheets and online timesheets
  • Can't do many things electronically - too many forms

Self Service

  • Need upload capability for students in self service
  • Need more direct access to self service
  • Student - liked the features on self-service
  • One Login for Self Service Banner, Internet Native Banner to Web Focus and Dashboard
  • One login for Self Service
  • Don't understand all the ways to get into self-service

Single Sign on

  • One stop shop - registrar, advising, meal card, housing
  • One place to go
  • Real Single Sign-On
  • Single sign-on for Web Focus
  • Single Sign -on - AsULearn, Appalnet, Panopto thru AsULearn, Google

Social Media

  • Social Feeds - pick to choose
  • Twitter Feeds
  • Social Media Feeds

Updating Portal

  • Give staff the ability to modify their own department tabs to keep it fresh
  • Staff needs to be able to update quickly
  • How would different departments add communications?
  • More flexibility for individual departments. Ability to make changes without involving ITS.

Online Course Evaluations


  • Love it! Surprised we didn't have it already
  • Great for tenure portfolio
  • General Education and First Year Seminar would like a tool like this to be implemented
  • How do we become a part of the pilot?
  • Can there be periodic evaluations rather than all at the end of the semester?
  • Evaluations are a big part of faculty reviews


  • Incentive for completion - early release of grades
  • Let Faculty control the open and close dates for surveys
  • Yale Blue Book example - Pick course based on good reviews
  • Find ways to improve response rate
  • Results should be available to students
  • Periodic evaluations - must complete before beginning next section of course

Web Conferencing

Ease of Use

  • Ease of use and Setup
  • Easy to learn and how to use
  • Interaction
  • Intuitive
  • Lightweight
  • Can you send minutes from the tool?
  • Schedule your own meetings
  • Ability to decline meeting after registered
  • Privileges inherited or manually set?
  • Breakout groups
  • Customer service through ASU or direct with company?
  • No installation options - web only client


  • Incorporated into new portal
  • LMS only or also available via .com?
  • Integration with LMS or stand-alone?


  • Mobile app/client (ios, Droid, windows)
  • Mobile - lightweight data for cell phone, don't eat up my data plan
  • Host from mobile
  • Phone dial in
  • Remote - off campus
  • Mobile App - responsive design

Participation and Polling

  • Track Participation
  • Polling
  • Polling Capabilities


  • Screen Sharing
  • App Sharing
  • Application Sharing (PPT etc)
  • Screen Grabs


  • Why isn't Google Hangouts on the list?
  • Recordable that can be posted - audio and video
  • No Flash - HTML5 or better
  • Authentication - inherit rights
  • IVS integration
  • "Just in Time" web conference, no provisioning needed
  • "Just in Time"
  • Distance Education needs something to use for prospective student inquiries
Published: Feb 16, 2016 2:11pm