Technology Portfolio Committee Processes

Primary Goals for IT Governance

  1. form an IT Executive Council to ensure that IT priorities are aligned with the University's strategic priorities and provide a clear institutional vision for IT
  2. coordinate distributed IT efforts with the efforts of ITS, the central IT unit, to deliver value to campus
  3. employ an agile governance structure that campus constituents understand and University leadership supports

Proposed Governance Process (under review)



Campus stakeholders

Complete Portfolio Requests to request a new service or significant changes to existing services.  Alternatively, IT employees can make a copy of the IT Proposal and Project Sheet, complete the IT Proposal tab and share it with

ITS Directors

Review Portfolio Requests and Proposals to: 1) send to ITIG for review, 2) place on hold for clarification and further research, or 3) reject with a stated cause

IT Implementation Group 

Reviews proposals/requests and forms teams to advise on feasibility and resources needed for implementation.  The ITIG reviews the team's proposals and high level project plan and chooses to 1) endorse, or 2) return to the team for further consideration.

Governance and Administrative Review

  1. ITS Directors authorize high level project plans and prioritize projects.

  2. Portfolio committees can review all portfolio requests, proposals and projects in their portfolio to advise on priority of projects

  3. For major projects:

    1. University IT leaders advise the CIO on the priority of major IT Projects

    2. The IT Executive Council reviews and approves priorities for major IT projects, and allocates resources for cross-divisional initiatives

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